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Our Values

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OUR VALUES: Diversity, Customer Relationship, Responsibility.


OUR PROMISE: We enable our customers to live a safer and better life because we: Protect what matters to you!


Technical Capacity

The staff of the company, who has a very long experience in insurance, provides technical assistance and excellent customer service. We apply the knowledge gained in the training and continuous education of employees in our daily work, both in the design of insurance products, and in the way of approaching the client or handling claims. Portfolio Managers in collaboration with the Human Resources department, and under the Special Care of the Board of Directors, provide periodic training for sales staff, which essentially address key issues of insurance, insurance products, sales techniques, procedures and internal regulations of the company as well as the discussion of various problems encountered during their work.
The services of the company are offered through a wide range of standard products and services, but also insurance designed according to the needs of customers, be they individuals, companies or corporations. We are always careful that these products are clear, and complete, and we feel reasonable that the client should be very well informed before signing an insurance contract.

We: "Protect what matters to you!"