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A day with the families of Rrëshen

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There is a very special connection of Austria with the North of Albania, and especially with Mirdita which they have chosen to help and support from time to time. The selection of an association in Rrëshen, which assisted children in need with food, clothing and education, was not unintentional. The staff of our company collected several contributions, each according to its ability, and with the collected amount managed to organize a different day for these children.


The day we had set for this trip did not shoot with so good weather. A luxury bus went early in the town of Rrëshen to pick up these children. The ride was enjoyable and comfortable, and the kids played with each other all the time. As soon as they arrived in Tirana, the weather worsened and it started to rain heavily, we replaced the walk we had planned to do in the center of Tirana with a bus ride and then a visit to a well-known bar in suburb of Tirana which has games for children of all ages. The kids had a lot of fun in this bar with videogames and activities with each other.

We were waiting for the sun, as the next step was the visit to Dajti Mountain, and he did not delay to go out. Of course we could go there by bus, but we wanted to make this experience unforgettable. Thanks to the cooperation of our company with Dajti Express, we managed to ensure the cable car ride to Dajti Mountain. The sun was shining and the rainbow accompanied us on the way. The children walked and played, but they also got tired, so no one said No to pizza at the Dajti Ekspres restaurant, lovingly offered by our staff.


The kids got new energies and started playing again, but unfortunately we had to stop them as we had one last surprise for them. We would go to the cinema to close this beautiful day.


We are sure that this day has remained engraved in the minds of these children. For a good part of the children these are the usual activities of a weekend, but the expression of their surprise, when they first watched videogames, cable car, cinema or and pizza, had no price.