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Helping Families

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Sigma Interalbanian Vienna Insurance Group joined the initiative of the organization "Fundjavë Ndryshe", to help families in need. With the contribution of the staff and the company Sigma Interalbanian VIG, 12 children in the village of Mamël of Elbasan were provided with transportation to school for the end of this year and for the new school year 2018 - 2019.


Among other things, the children were provided with clothing, extracurricular books and food. With the belief that better days will come for these children and their families, we would like to cordially thank the young boys and girls of Fundjavë Ndryshe, for all the positive energy they convey and the healthiest role model they need. society today.


Thanks also go especially to the company staff, for the hospitality they showed towards this initiative - both in material value and in commitment and responsibility, to take this initiative to the end. The commitment of each of them to cultivate the spirit of solidarity among the younger generations, fills us with signs of hope.