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A day with the family of Rajmonda

Home Social Responsibilities A day with the family of Rajmonda

Rajmonda, is a lady who looks strong from the look and her smile manages to hide well all the problems in her life. After exchanging two or three words with her, she realizes that life has not been very easy for this lady and her family. In addition to major economic problems, Rajmonda and her husband find it difficult to work in any kind of work because of the health problems they have.


The company Sigma Interalbanian VIG, decided that at the end of the new year holidays to help this family a little and bring a smile to its children. Through these contributions, they managed to buy clothes, food, toys, books as well as a washing machine. Also since the family was in constant need of help, they thought that some chickens would be a constant source of food for this family. Some boys from the staff also helped to plant the garden behind the house where the family lived.


It has been a different day which has made us all deeply reflect and greatly appreciate what we have.