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Donate Blood

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June is the month of Blood Donation for thalassemia children, so the staff of Sigma Interalbanian VIG decided to become part of this initiative. In cooperation with the Blood Transfusion Association and "Fundjavë Ndryshe", a small but convenient corner was set up in the premises of the Company's Head Office to perform the necessary preliminary examinations and the blood donation process.


A careful questionnaire as well as proper measurements were made for all volunteers. Not everyone was considered suitable to donate blood, someone from the current state of health and someone else from the anamnesis. The medical team made sure that the donors received the necessary fluids, so as not to have consequences on the health of our company staff. Generally, 400 ml of blood was donated by each volunteer, which is 10% of the amount circulating in the body.


Blood donation is a voluntary act, without reward and is very important for what is vitally needed. Blood cannot be produced in the laboratory, so the only source for those diagnosed with thalassemia is to donate it. It was a small contribution from the staff of our company, but the satisfaction you can have on improving a child's life was enormous.

Dhuro Gjak