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About Sigma Interalbanian Vig sh.a


Sigma Interalbanian VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP "sh.a. (or" SIVIG ") was established in 1999 and registered in the Court of Tirana with Decision No. 20487 dated 3 February 1999. Its activity is regulated by the articles of Law No. 9901 dated 14 April 2008 "On commercial companies" and Law No. 52 dated 22 May 2014 "On insurance and reinsurance activities and intermediation in insurance and reinsurance", and bylaws issued in its function The regulatory entity for the insurance market is the Albanian Authority Its main activity is providing insurance for motor vehicles, property, health and other non-life insurance.In 2004 it also started its activity in Kosovo through its branch.


During 2014, Sigma and "Interalbanian VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP" sh.a. merged by absorbing the assets and liabilities of Interalbanian with and in the activity of SIGMA. On September 30, 2014, the name of the Company was changed from "Sigma VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP" sh.a. to "Sigma Interalbanian VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP" sh.a.


The year 2020 was a bad year for everyone, not only in financial terms, but above all in the social and health impacts it had in our country. Revenues from premiums fell by about 7&, close to the market average. Even this year, the company continued to rank third in the market with over 13% of the market. The company has maintained a stable premium structure and 23% of revenue comes from  voluntary insurance.


It continued with the payment of property damages during 2020, mainly damages caused by the earthquake, and this figure reached the value of 3 million Euros.

Health insurance experienced a significant increase as never before in the market, with approximately 16% more health insurance than last year, and this increase for Sigma Interalbanian was almost double the market average, with 30% more premiums. 

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