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Board of Directors

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Klaidi Çitozi


Mr.Citozi has been part of the company since 2003, eight years as a board member, and since 2016 also as executive director of this company. He is certified and has long experience in the field of insurance. He is very good expert in insurance , therefore he supervises the main technical departaments in the company such as that of Risk Departament, Insurance, Reinsurance, Actuarialism, Finance and Marketing.




Ervin Rali


Mr.Rali has a very long experience in insurance, being one of the pioneers of this industry, especially in the technological developments that the market has had. He returned to Sigma Interlabanian in 2016 as a Member of the Board of Directors of the company, focusing in particular on sales and technological, digitalization and process automation.




Artan Pjetërnikaj


Mr.Pjeternikaj joined Sigma Interalbanian as a Member of the Menagement Board at the beginning of 2021. Prior to this period , he was engaged in senior positions as a manager in the State Police and in the private banking sector. In the company is mainly engaged in legal matters, oversight of claims handling, administration and human resources.

The company Sigma Interalbanian, is managed by the Board of Directors which consists of the General Director and two members.