This insurance provides financial coverage in case of accident or illness in case of hospitalization during the travel abroad. This insurance is designed according the requirements of SCHENGEN countries embassies. 

Personal Accidents;

  • Accidental Death 10.000 Euro;
  • Anatomical loss of at least two limbs, irrevocable and total loss of the sight in both eyes 10.000 Euro;
  • Permanent Total Disability to do any kind of job 20.000 Euro.

Medical treatment and Repatriation Expenses;

  • Medical Emergency Expenses and hospitalization up to Euro 30.000;
  • Funeral Expenses or return of the ashes up to 30.000 Euro;
  • Repatriation Expenses up to 30.000 Euro;
  • Travel and accommodation expenses of a close relative or friend if the insured needs assistance.


Competitive Advantages

  • The insurance period is same as the travel period, starting from 5 days up to 1 year coverage;
  • The tariffs vary according the age of the insured and the travel period;
  • The Insurance certificate in four different languages (English, Greek, Italian and Albanian), gives you the possibility to present it to any foreign hospital;
  • Assistance from CORIS International that operates in this market for more than 80 years;
  • Technical Assistance from an experienced staff;