You can set up the ideal insurance scheme for your staff choosing from the following coverage, which should have a minimum of 20 persons. You may suit this scheme to the everyone’s needs and budget. 

  • Benefits according Personal Accidents Insurance

Benefits in case of Accidental Death; In case of accidental insured’s death, immediately or within 180 days from the accident, the Insurer will pay to the Beneficiary the amount defined at the policy.

Accidental Permanent Disability; Covers Accidental permanent disability:

1. Total Permanent Disability because of Accident

We consider Total Permanent Disability:
Irrevocable loss of sight in both eyes.
Loss of mobility in at least two limbs (hemiplegic, paraplegic).

2. Partial Permanent Disability because of accident 

The benefit according to this section is defined according to the benefit schedule.

  • Major Medical Insurance

Hospitalization Expenses;

In case of hospitalization of the insured the company covers the relative expenses:

  • Expenses for room and board for every day of hospitalization.
  • Hospitalization expenses such as medical services, surgeons fees, laboratory and diagnostic examinations medicines anesthesia and use of operating theatre, blood as well as its derivatives or substitutes, treatment with radioactive material, treatment with artificial kidney, bone structure material, as well as exclusive night nurse if deemed necessary by the attending physician.

Daily Cash Indemnity; If an accident or sickness occurs to an insured and he needs hospitalization for treatment or surgical operation, the company shall pay as a daily cash indemnity for a period up to 90 days per case, the amount mentioned in the table of benefits.

Outpatient Expenses; In case of sickness or accident covered by the present the company covers the insured for expenses related to Diagnostic examinations.